Derek Hough is proud of Marilu Henner and sends positive message after the incident with Ryan Lochte

I am sure everyone by now is aware of the incident that happened last night after Ryan and Cheryl’s dance. Everyone reacted really fast to remove the protesters from the ballroom and we are so glad for that!
Derek literally run from backstage and asked the women chanting against Ryan to get out of the studio. In the YouTube video below, you can start hearing Derek doing so at about 0:30 and see him at about 0:50. (ETA: A video from GMA also added)
Lindsay, Val and many other pros also run right away to the main stage to “protect their home”. Well done to all for their reaction. You can see them all on the backstage video from the All Access cameras. Thanks rwabcc for posting.

Let’s stay though to the positive message that Derek sends via his Snapchat account after saying how amazing Marilu was and how proud he is of her.
DWTS is a loving and positive place and everyone’s home. You can’t being negativity in the ballroom. Let’s all be a force of good, forgive and spread the love! No one is perfect…we all make mistakes!

UPDATE #1: Full GMA report added below, thanks Al!
UPDATE #2: Steve Atkinson of 10News (ABC) posted a full video of the moment Derek is asking the protesters to get out of the ballroom. You can also see it below. Thanks HappyHough for sending it.


DWTS FAM 👊🏼👊🏼🙌🙌🙌 ya don't mess with 'em 👊🏼 look at our pros' reactions! @derekhough w/ his instantaneous response -running automatically and the first one to do so! @lindsarnold in the middle also going out front, and @iamvalc running from behind on the right also coming to protect the show and the people in it. You people bring your negativity elsewhere! Apart from the fact that it doesn't belong in such a positive environment where people are encouraged & supported, I personally don't like seeing our pro dancers rattled or shaken 👿😡#ThisIsOurTurf #DWTS -thankful to @dwtsallaccess for letting us see backstage! @dancingabc #dancingwiththestars #derekhough #valchmerkovskiy #lindsayarnold #ryanlochte #juliannehough #makschmerkovskiy #witneycarson #cherylburke #sharnaburgess #hayleyerbert #keomotsepe #alanbersten #jennajohnson #artemchigvintsev #petamurgatroyd #emmaslater #sashafarber #carrieanninaba #lengoodman #brunotonioli #tombergeron #erinandrews #kymherjavec #markballas #tonydovolani #karinasmirnoff #teamhennergy

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