Carrie Ann Inaba’s first blog of DWTS Season 23

Carrie Ann’s first blog of Season 23 is out and she has switched to She Knows.  As you can imagine, it initially focuses on what occured during Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke’s critique.

I knew that no one else was seeing these men, but I realized that they were up to no good. Our team quickly handled them and removed them from the ballroom. I cannot say for sure, but I believe the “hecklers” were wearing jackets over their “Lochte” shirts until he performed. Luckily, they got no airtime and everyone was safe. After they were removed, I looked up and saw a few women with the same shirts on. Derek Hough also saw them and pointed them out to security during the commercial break, and we had them removed as well.

I imagine no one was surprised by Derek’s behavior to protect and preserve the Ballroom he considers “home”.  Read,the rest of her blog, at She Knows, for her quick impressions of ALL the Season 23 contestants’ opening night dances.

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