Marilu Henner’s hilarious reaction when she first saw Derek Hough as her partner on DWTS

Since the first day we hear Marilu describing this moment and we were all waiting to finally see it!! And yes…the producers were right when they told her that this is probably the most hilarious reaction they ever had on Dancing with the Stars!

Go to People to see it and you’ll believe us 😉 I love how she describes Derek before she sees him at her door and how much she would love to have him…even though she knows that he is not doing the show…well, surprise! LoL

“Who know who I would kill for?” she says to the film crew in the begging of the clip. “There’s no one like Derek Hough. But I know he’s not doing it. But … he’s a God.”

We’ll try to have an international version of it as soon as possible.


And here is an international version…can’t stop watching this!

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