Derek Hough talks about Marilu Henner, Broadway, Hairspray Live and more on his first blog for Season 23

Woo hoo! Derek is back blogging again for TV Guide as he was doing for the past few seasons of Dancing with the Stars. He just posted his first blog of the season where he talks of course about Marilu, as well as Singin’ in the Rain, Hairspray and many more! Be sure to read it all on TV Guide. Welcome back Derek! 😀

Thanks so much for all your messages so far. I’m really excited to be back this season — something I didn’t think would be happening even a few weeks ago. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason. My Broadway show Singin’ in the Rain got postponed from January until sometime late next year, which freed up a lot of time for me this fall. I was excited to do some other stuff. I’ve been working on some cool music and videos with Lindsey Stirling that I will hopefully release soon. And you know I love Dancing with the Stars. There’s nothing like it in the world. I’ve always said if I can come back and they will have me back, I will.

I am partnered with Marilu Henner, and she is awesome! She is so positive and has so much energy. Our name is Team Henergy. We’re definitely like kindred spirits for sure. We’re so similar that our brains work so fast that we don’t finish thoughts. Our mouths don’t move as fast as our brains so sometimes we don’t complete sentences! We have the jive and she’s doing great so far. She’s 64 years old — definitely my most advanced partner in life — and she’s bringing it every day in rehearsals.

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