VOTE for Marilu Henner & Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars

Hello everyone! Hope you did’t forget how we vote on Dancing with the Stars because Derek took a season off 😉 If anyone is new to this “activity” or needs a refresh, below is a quick way to see how you can do it. For more detailed info, you can check here.

After getting lots of questions from international fans, we updated our detailed instructions to help them more.

  1. By phone, call 1-800-868-3408!!! Voting starts when show starts airing and last till an hour after the show is over.
  2. On the official ABC site, Voting online starts for everyone when the show starts airing on East Coast (8pm ET) and closes 24hrs later, unless there is a Results show on Tuesday. Then it closes at 11am (ET).
  3. On the official Facebook account by using the Voting app. Voting opens and closes same as No2.

^^^NOTE!!! For weeks 2-4 where we have a Results show pre Kristyn, voting won’t be 24hrs but 15hrs! So be sure to get your votes in before 11am ET!

IMPORTANT INFO for international fans:
Since during the first week there were many issues with fans not being able to vote, even with a VPN, we updated again our detailed info for voting. So except from the VPN method, be sure to check your Facebook location as well. Click the link for the detailed info to read more about it and be free to ask us for any questions. We’ll be glad to help any way that we can!

We are always here if you need anything and we’ll try to help as much as we can. Mail us on or tweet us on @derekhougnews

4 thoughts on “VOTE for Marilu Henner & Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars

  1. Can’t get through on Derek/Marilu phone line, and I’ve been trying on and off for 3 and 1/2 hours. Keep getting busy signal !!! If there are technical difficulties, ABC needs to fix it, and not send someone home when people couldn’t vote !!!


    • Voting by phone is only open till one hour after the show. Which means only two hours (8-10pm) this time since the show lasted one hour in total. It has to be closed by now.
      I am guessing since more people tried to call/vote in less amount of time, it’s easier to face busy signal. This is good and bad. Good cause it means Marilu is getting votes and bad cause you couldn’t vote 😦 I am sorry for that. You can still vote online though on ABC and/or Facebook. Voting there is open till 11am (ET)


  2. Everytime i go to dwts Facebook to vote there’s always a warning sign.I’m so used to voting for derek on Facebook many times and so this time its weird that this is happening. I’ve been voting through via phone call but i also want to vote on Facebook. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the website or if it’s my phone 😦 please help if you have any answers


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