Why you should see “Singin’ in the Rain” again before Derek Hough hits Broadway – Blog by Kristyn Burtt

Kristyn was at The Academy’s screening of “Singin’ in the rain” on Monday, where Derek introduced the movie and Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia, was also there. Kristyn wrote a blog at her site, Dance Dish with Kristyn Burtt, of why everyone should watch again the classic movie of 1952 before they travel to New York and watch Derek stepping into the shoes of Gene Kelly. Below is an excerpt of her blog but be sure to read it all at Dance Dish. She also shares beautiful pictures of Derek!

“Stepping into Gene Kelly’s iconic role is a monumental task for any performer, so it’s going to bring Derek one of the biggest challenges of his career. I like that he’s tackling it because it’s easy to become complacent when you’ve had such success. He’s continuing to take fresh and exciting paths on his journey as an artist.”

Don’t forget that she also has a giveaway for Derek Hough fans worldwide!

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