Derek Hough backstage at Ferrvor magazine – VIDEO

Few weeks ago, Derek did a professional photo shoot for Ferrvor Magazine. Today, they uploaded a video of Derek from backstage where Derek talks about Dancing with the Stars and many more things. Really loved this video! Check it out below!

Also, head to the official website to check the whole feature and some AMAZING photos! Below is a part of the interview but be sure to read it all! Loved it!

Gentlemen, ladies and others, if you’re looking for some solid inspiration to get you off the couch, or just for something to motivate you, please turn and run. J/K….Look no further than Derek Hough. A five-time champion of the Dancing With the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy, and two-time winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography, Derek is as positive minded and yet, as humble as it gets.

Derek, thanks for joining us today. You’re a very talented man – who is your muse, do you actually have one?
My muse isn’t just one thing or one person, it’s many things. Fear is a strong muse for me. Fear of complacency and things like that push me to work harder and to improve.

Who would win in a dance-off competition in your family?
Probably Sharee, my oldest sister. She’s so aggressive and full out whenever she dances that she would probably do something crazy like knock one of us out with her leg – which may or may not have happened before.


Entertainment Tonight and People also covered Derek’s photoshoot and – except from the pictures 😉 – they are also focusing on Derek’s favorite moment with Bindi. Check out the links for the full articles and the pictures. Just Jared also posted the pictures and the video of the interview.

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