Julianne interviewed by the Times Recorder and a Move Live on Tour review from Mohegan Sun

Over the weekend an interview was posted with Julianne.  She spoke, from Boston, with David Benson of the Times Recorder.

CLEVELAND – In the driver’s seat is exactly where entertainer superstar Julianne Hough finds her career these days.

Q: In addition to the “Move Live on Tour,” there’s also the “Dancing With the Stars Live! Tour.” How is it in this day and age two dance tours can not only be on the road simultaneously but both be successful?
A: Dance in America has been so well received over the last 10 years. Whereas now with all of the television shows we have, whether it’s “Dancing With the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance” or YouTube, everybody is so well versed on what dance is. There’s an appreciation for it. Now, our live show is very different. The “Dancing With the Stars” tour has a lot of stuff you’ve seen on the show, but our performance has every style of dance possible, not just ballroom and Latin dancing. You can go see that show and come see ours, and get completely different experiences.

And onto the review by Ray Kelly of Mass Live for yesterday’s evening show at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

UNCASVILLE, Connecticut – If the “MOVE Live on Tour” performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Sunday night had been an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” it would have scored an 11.

Less than a month ago, the official “DWTS” tour stopped at Mohegan Sun. “MOVE Live on Tour” eclipsed that fine show in terms of dazzling choreography, unstoppable energy, classy costumes and top notch production and staging.

Be sure to read each article in it’s entirety at the Times Recorder and Mass Live.

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