Local 10 News helps 109 yearold woman meet Derek and Julianne Hough

Awwww!!!! What a great story!! Local 10 News was playing matchmaker and they…succeeded. Please read the entire article here: Local 10 News

“She’s lived through two world wars, the Great Depression and the advent of television and the Internet. She’s Hallandale Beach resident Mazie Ford, and for her 109th birthday, she wanted to reach the stars.

[…]  Ford, accompanied by her daughter, Johann Levinson, met the dancing duo, took pictures and shared a brief conversation.

“I was very excited,” remarked Ford. “I’ve been watching them since the program started and I felt as though I knew them.”

“They were very sweet and gracious,” she added.” 

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About Elara

In February 2012 i started a little twitter account named TeamMariaDerek. As time went by, four amazing girls joined the team and we are now team Derek Hough News! Why Derek…? Because i think that Derek Hough is the most amazing dancer i have ever seen, the best choreographer of his generation - now two times EMMY WINNER for Outstanding Choreography, an incredible singer, actor and songwriter — The perfect artist! The only true heir of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire! Oh.. did i mention he is also a beautiful person inside and out? Well… that is Derek Hough — my point of view!

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